Daily Schedule

No Day is Typical at Wizard School, but there is a Schedule

Your days at Magischola Prep are filled with magic and fun from the moment you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow. You’ll wake up in your dorm, surrounded by your Courtmates and Prefect (counselor). After your buffet breakfast, you’ll hear the day’s announcements and find out what shenanigans have happened overnight. You’ll also get an update on the Point Totals, as each of the four Courts vie to be crowned champion at the end of the week.

Then you’ll head off to your morning classes, a combination of seminars and lectures — all of which are hands-on and active. You never know what kind of magical mayhem will happen as you try to master divination, rituals, or care of creatures.

After lunch and another update on the Point Totals, you’re back to afternoon magical classes for more practice with your wand and encounters with creatures and magical plants. Then it’s back to dinner for more all-you-can-eat food and dessert.

You’ll have Clubs, Sports, and Excursions and every night has a special Evening Activity. The magic doesn’t stop at Magischola Prep! Be sure to get some sleep. Drowsy students make easy pickings for roaming magical creatures, and poor performance on tests. You may get sent to Detention! I hear there is a lot of silver to polish, and a forgetful Detention monitor.

See Classes, Clubs, Excursions and Evening Activities to learn more about the fun.


Daily Schedule

7:30: First Call by your Counselors

8:00: No, really, wake up. Get your robe and tie and wand and go!

8:00-9:00: Breakfast in the Dining Hall

9:00-9:45: Opening Circle and announcements (all participants)

10:00-10:45: Wizard School Class I

11:00-11:45:   Wizard School Class II

12:00-2:00: Lunch and free time

2:00-2:45:   Wizard School Class III

3:00-3:45:   Wizard School ClassIV

4:00-5:00:  Court Meetings, social

5:30-6:30:   Dinner

7:00-10:00: Club Meetings, Nightly activity (varies by day)

10:30: Lights out 11-14 year olds

11:30: Lights Out 15-17 year-olds