Of course, there are plenty of clubs. Every student is sorted into a club on their character sheet, though club meetings are optional (and some are secret). Of course, you may join any club that interests you as well! Each professor is in charge of a club, and clubs will meet at least two times during your week at wizard school.

The Duelist’s Association

This formal wand dueling organization has a history dating back to the early days of P2A4. Champion duelists are awarded rings signifying their prowess–but a ring makes one a target, as any other student can challenge a ring-wearer for their ring at any time.

Wand and Blade

The unofficial P2A4 fight club goes back almost as far as the Duelist’s Association. Wand and Blade members mix dueling and combat styles from all backgrounds, including fencing and other forms of swordplay. They meet after dark, and aren’t afraid to fight dirty. They see themselves as the rival to the Duelist’s Association–who, of course, refuse to ever publicly acknowledge their existence. (Note: we will have foam and latex swords for students to use).

The Chancellor’s Circle (Bradford Bevy)

The best of the best of each graduating year at P2A4 are invited to join the Chancellor’s Circle, for discussion of history, privilege, and power. During the summer program, this invitation is extended to notable members of Unsoiled families from all Primascholae. It is a prime opportunity to network and build connections for the future.

The Coalition of Dusk

Some mages are more ambitious than others, and the Coalition of Dusk is for those with few scruples. The Coalition is dedicated to finding solutions to large problems, and making those problems go away permanently. Their methods are unorthodox and controversial, and their membership list is kept strictly top secret.

Couplets and Curses

P2A4’s arts and poetry society has gone through many iterations over the years. Sometimes it is a serious club for the discussion of Magimundi literature, while in other eras it has more in common with the Misrulers. It remains to be seen exactly what the latest crop of summer students will do with the club. One commonality–every session, Couplets and Curses attempts to compile and print a literary journal by the end of the week.

Experimental Transformation Association

A controversial club, especially among Loup-Garoux, the ETA focuses on pushing the boundaries of transfiguration. The ETA actively works to understand the mechanics and magic behind all manner of transformation magic, and has long lobbied the Loup-Garoux lodges for access. Their meetings are traditionally overseen by the Healing professor, who is always important to have on hand for when their experiments inevitably go awry.

Morton’s Misrulers (aka the Jersey Devils)

With membership heavily consisting of–but certainly not limited to–the wildest of Morton Court, the Misrulers are dedicated to the art of the prank. They exist to sow chaos, stage flashmobs, and generally make life on campus more entertaining for everyone. They have a rivalry with the Bradford Bevy that dates back to the founding of P2A4, and shows no signs of calming down.

Mundane Alliance

An organization for Mundane-born students at P2A4, created in solidarity against the school’s history of Unsoiled bias. The Mundane Alliance engages in general visibility activism, working to bring attention to issues that those of Unsoiled heritage tend to ignore.

Cinnabar Survivors

A more recently created group, the Cinnabar Survivors exists as an organization to provide support for Mundane-born students to help them cope with the trauma of separation from their families. Some among the Survivors advocate for the abolishment of the Cinnabar Societies, while others push for the repeal of the Edict of Separation. These two very different radical stances often give rise to strong conflicts, both internally and with the more assimilationist Mundane Alliance.