Roleplay Improves Communication & Negotiation Skills

At Magischola Prep, your student will get to live their dream of being a wizard at wizard school and take classes in Healing, Herbology, Alchemy, Runes, Magical Creatures, and more. While these are part of a magical school curriculum, there are other real-world skills that students will take away with them as a result of the experience. This post focuses on communication skills and negotiation skills. Adam, who played a professor, talks about how roleplay expands the imagination, improves communication, and empowers the individual in the video above.

Communication & Negotiation

Roleplay is done through talking and writing, two key skills for school and workplace success. The alibi of a character and the new situation of being in magic school helps students get outside of their comfort zone and try new ways of communicating. Perhaps shy and reserved in real life, a participant can portray a boisterous student full of opinions and get the chance to speak up, to use their voice in empowering ways.

In addition, students get others interested in their ideas through communication and persuasion. Trying to convince other members of your Court to go with you into the Forbidden Forest or to stand up to that bully? You’ll need strong arguments to succeed! Students will negotiate with each other about what to do in the dynamic situations they find themselves in. They’ll put forth hypotheses, defend them, and come to consensus. They will have to decide whether to go along with a crowd, or stand firm in their beliefs. Doing this in a safe and structured environment helps them practice for doing that in their real lives.

Acting is fundamentally communication. Students will be considering how their mannerisms, body language, appearance, tone, diction, and word choice affect their character’s credibility and impressions on others.

Professors and counselors will be encouraging oral and written communication from students, not just to advance the stories, but also to foster more ease and skill with speaking in front of others. 

Having fun, telling stories, and improving communication and negotiation! It’s magical!