Consent-Based Play is Powerful

You Decide What Happens

The way magic works in this school is by consent. The recipient of a spell gets to decide if they will be “hit” with the magic. They can deflect a spell, declare it didn’t work or was mispronounced, or another reason if they don’t want to roleplay the spell’s effects. They can also decide that the spell kind of worked, or that it had a side effect (these are magic students after all). For example, I attempt to cast a stunning spell on another student, that student starts dancing instead! Misfire! A third way is to roleplay the caster’s intended effect; in this example I would pretend to be stunned when “hit” with a stunning spell.


This kind of system is very empowering, because no one can make you do anything without your consent. A bully cannot overpower you, a bigger kid cannot always win, the underdog can be triumphant. For many participants, children and adults, this reverses the power scenario of their everyday lives, where they may feel that they have little or no autonomy or choice about what happens to them. We will give participants tools for gracefully exiting a situation, dialing it up or slowing it down. Experiencing choice and consent is empowering and transformative.

Teaching Consent

Part of the workshops for how to play include understanding consent, setting one’s personal boundaries, saying no, and respecting other people’s choices. We believe it is important for adolescents of all ages to practice asking for consent and reacting to the answer, whether an enthusiastic yes, or the rejection of a no. We will teach participants how to ask and how to respond, without belittling, ostracizing, or retaliating when a no is given.


Magischola Prep operates under a Culture of Care. Participants are taught and expected to check-in on their fellow campers, and are given tools to express empathy and compassion. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe in a trusting and supportive environment.