Wizard School Allows Exploration of Real-World Issues

In this video, the creators of New World Magischola, Maury Brown and Ben Morrow, talk about what wizard school attendees wrestle with as part of their experience. They also talk about how the fictional world was created and the community norms: inclusivity, diversity, equality, autonomy, respect.

Students at Magischola Prep will be in a lighter universe than Magischola: the equivalent of middle- and high-school (Primaschola) vs. college. The situations their characters will encounter in the magical universe will mirror real-life troubles that teens and tweens face and must wrestle with as they seek to discover who they are and what they stand for. Since they are encountering fictional versions of these problems and have the alibi of character to react to them, participants are able to try out their voices and solutions in a safe environment, seeing what consequences come to their character, and deciding how they feel about injustice, class warfare, gossip, bullying, friendship, work ethic, social inequality, and more.