Day 1: July 23, 2017

Hello, Parents and Fans of Magischola Prep!

Here’s what happened after you dropped off your magic school students today!

After check-in, campers gathered in the Intercultural Center (or as we call it, the charms and magical ethics classroom) for introductions and their first workshop. The campers were excited to begin learning about the magical world they’ll be creating with their fellow campers!

Our first workshop focused on getting to know each other. Campers broke into groups and played a series of games to help them remember names. “Two truths and a tale” was especially popular. Our campers have had some interesting experiences!

Next, we stepped outside into the beautiful tower courtyard for an introduction to the magical universe of the Magimundi. The campers came prepared with plenty of questions, and we’re so looking forward to seeing how they put their knowledge and creativity to use!

Next, we had dinner in the beautiful Sharples Dining Hall. We ate grilled chicken, mac and cheese, and Spanish chickpea stew. Afterwards, we were going to go on a campus tour but got rained out (it’s rescheduled for tomorrow!).

Instead, we did trust exercises to build community among our campers and staff. We discussed our similarities and differences and spoke about things that make us proud.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for…character development workshops!  Campers were given their character sheets and worked to develop their characters in small groups.  They collaborated with each other to develop friendships, rivalries, and shared memories their characters had together coming into the week.

The campers were given an hour and a half for free time tonight to continue working on their characters and to get to know each other. Lounges on every floor were filled with multiple campers writing in their new journals, chatting, and sharing snacks. Even if they were finishing setting up their rooms, doors were left open so others could stop in. Many stories are taking shape and a lot of friendships are already being born!

Lights out at 11, and then counselors had their daily meeting. We’re ready for a full day of workshops tomorrow, and then — game on at 8 p.m. with the Court Sort as students are placed into Bradford, Williams, Hutchinson, or Morton Courts.

No pics today, but our photographer will be on site tomorrow! Stay tune and keep making magic!