The Court Sort (Monday Night)

On Monday night, the students got their wizard school robes for the first time.

There was a bit of a scramble as we hurriedly modified some robes with the tried and true “staple-hemming” method. Artificery and Alchemy Prof. Jupiter Salvian was on hand and some magic was made in minutes.

Then it was off to Upper Tarble before the thunderstorm for The Court Sort. P2A4 Headmaster

William Ulysses Bradford was on hand to welcome students, impart confidence in their abilities, and to warn them not to touch the collection of racing brooms in his office. Students eagerly answered his questions and took heed of his advice.



Then the faculty formed a summoning circle and the students and faculty together enacted a ritual of the four directions to bring forth the Sorting Spirit, or the Spirit of Direction.


Each student’s name was read and they entered the circle with the Spirit. The Spirit circled them several times, looking, listening, whispering, discerning, then sent the decision of which of the four Courts–Bradford, Williams, Hutchinson, or Morton — would be their home.