Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Magischola Prep?

Magischola Prep is a week-long residential enrichment camp for middle- and high-schoolers, ages 11-17. Unlike traditional summer camps, with archery, canoeing, and hikes, Magischola Prep immerses your student in the theatrical experience of going to Wizard School for the week.

Who can attend Magischola Prep?

Magischola Prep is open to students ages 11-17, entering grades six through twelve. So if you’re going to be in middle school or high school (or their equivalents) in the Fall of 2020, that means you! If you will graduate high school in 2020, you are also eligible.

Magischola Prep is open to students of all genders and includes pronoun workshops, all-gender bathrooms, and other inclusive practices to ensure that all students feel welcomed and able to be themselves.

If you’re interested in theatre, improv, creative writing, storytelling, drama, fiction, fantasy, roleplay, roleplaying games, or other literary or dramatic arts, you’ll have a blast!

What are the dates for Magischola Prep?

July 12-18, 2020 

Where is Magischola Prep held?

When leaning on statues, take care not to accidentally animate them.
When leaning on statues, take care not to accidentally animate them.

The beautiful campus of Swarthmore College, just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is hosting our camp. Swarthmore’s campus mixes classical castle-like dorms with modern classroom buildings, has a world-class dining hall, and is a quick train ride from downtown Philadelphia. The school borders the beautiful Crum Woods, with plenty of trails to adventure down, clearings for rituals, and stone ruins to explore.

Where will students be housed?

Students will live in Swarthmore’s dorm buildings, in single, double, or triple occupancy rooms. The dorms are equipped with comfortable modern beds, but do not include linens. Students should bring their own linens or sleeping bags and pillows. The dorms are not air-conditioned and we recommend that students bring a fan or portable unit. 

Who is supervising students at the camp?

Awaiting the Sorting is often one of the most stressful times for a young mage.
Awaiting the Sorting is often one of the most stressful times for a young mage.

The camp was created and is run by an educator who has worked with young people for 22 years. Many of the camp’s professors are also educators during the school year; all have experience working with children and have been vetted through screening processes, recommendations, and background checks. Our on-site director has been working with summer camps for a decade. Students will be supervised at all times by our staff of Counselors and Professors, who are trained in safety, emotional wellness, and conflict resolution. We also have medical staff on hand to handle medication and deal with emergencies, as well as having access to Swarthmore’s full-time public safety and wellness staff.

What will students eat at the camp?

Students will eat in Swarthmore’s world-class dining hall, which includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and is happy to prepare alternative options for students with specific allergies. Snacks will also be available in the evenings in the common rooms.

How does club membership work?

Each student has a recommended club as part of their character sheet, but those assignments are not binding. Club attendance is optional, and students are free to join other clubs, or even attend the meeting of a different club every evening!

What skills will my child learn by attending Magischola Prep?

The exact curriculum is still in development, but our aim is to use each magical subject as a framework to teach skills with applications in the real world. For example, students will learn real linguistics in their rune lore classes, practical first aid in their healing classes, and good gardening in herbology. The ethics class forms the backbone of the curriculum, and ethical questions appear in some form in every class. We’re firm believers in using storytelling and fantasy play to teach complex ideas and how to approach problems that don’t have easy answers.

Stopping off in the dining hall is important. Don’t do magic on an empty stomach!
Stopping off in the dining hall is important. Don’t do magic on an empty stomach!

Studies have shown that roleplaying is a powerful tool to build empathy. Magischola Prep is designed to foster that both during class and outside the classroom. Students will be given tools to practice understanding, work on emotional processing, and interpersonal troubleshooting. In our experience, these kinds of skills often emerge organically, and our staff is trained to foster and encourage that development as it occurs. In our experience, roleplaying and fantasy play builds tools not just to deal with crises but to deal with the realities of life in an ever-changing world.


What are previous attendees and their parents saying about Magischola Prep?

“Magischola Prep was an amazing experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The counselors made sure everyone was having a good time and had what they needed. The activities were so much fun as well, I never felt bored with camp.” -2018 participant

“If you love magic or roleplaying please come play! This is an amazing, safe, accepting, and magical environment and you are going to have a lot of fun.” -2018 participant

“Just do it! It’s worth it! It was the best week of my life!” -2018 participant

“My daughter had a great experience the first year she attended, so she absolutely wanted to attend the second year.” – Parent of camper in 2017 and 2018

“This camp is extremely inclusive and a terrific learning experience. The kids and counselors are great. Send your kids here!” -2018 parent

“This is a one-of-a-kind camp and if your child is into this, this camp will be the best experience ever.” – 2018 parent

“My daughter had an amazing experience and it was well worth the cost!” – 2018 parent