Consent-Based Play is Powerful

You Decide What Happens The way magic works in this school is by consent. The recipient of a spell gets to decide if they will be “hit” with the magic. They can deflect a spell, declare it didn’t work or was mispronounced, or another reason if they don’t want to roleplay the spell’s effects. They […]

Roleplaying Tips to Make Your Experience Great

  You don’t have to be an experienced roleplayer or even know what larp is to have a great time at Wizard School Camp! Tina Degenhart, a player in the very first New World Magischola, gives some awesome advice for those who may be a little nervous about roleplaying or trying out wizard school. Here […]

Roleplay Inspires Empathy & Imagination

There are many benefits of roleplay that participants learn to master and to use in their everyday life outside of the event. In addition to building confidence and improving speaking, roleplay also helps participants hone these valuable skills: Empathy — One of the benefits of roleplay is experiencing the world from the perspective of someone […]

How to Roleplay Magic

There are five basic ways to cast magic: gestures, incantations, rituals, and artifacts. Gestures If you have a wand, use it! Raise it and point it at the object or person you are going to cast on. If you don’t have a wand, that is ok! You may hold out your hand like a Jedi, […]

Roleplay Improves Communication & Negotiation Skills

At Magischola Prep, your student will get to live their dream of being a wizard at wizard school and take classes in Healing, Herbology, Alchemy, Runes, Magical Creatures, and more. While these are part of a magical school curriculum, there are other real-world skills that students will take away with them as a result of […]

Why the World Needs A Wizard School for Young People

  Some of you might be wondering why we decided to create a wizard school summer camp for 11-17 year-olds. Some days I wonder that too — creating a small business, complying with all the regulations for child safety and support, and handling all the marketing, promotions, management and development for a project of this […]

Clubs Expand Your Fun at Magic School

  Of course, there are plenty of clubs. Every student is sorted into a club on their character sheet, though club meetings are optional (and some are secret). Each professor is in charge of a club. Any student may join any club they wish, though some clubs have puzzles to solve or quests to complete in […]

Did someone say Magical Sports? Check out Fireball and Hexes & Broomsticks!

Your time at Wizard School is not complete without magical sports!   Lest participants (and parents) think you’re going to be spending all of your time sitting in classrooms, or studying in the library, there are plenty of physical activities for the young wizard at Magischola Prep! You’ll learn to play Hexes & Broomsticks, Fireball […]

Announcing: The Magic School Curriculum!

What classes will you take at Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts? Aspiring wizards need to master the basics of runes, rituals, alchemy, defense, herbology, artificery, divination, evocation & summoning, healing, and care of creatures. You’ll take all 10 of these classes, 5 per day for each of the four full […]

Morton Court

Symbol: Black Bat Season: Summer Flower: Iris Motto: Never The Same Mistake Twice Values: Freedom, Creativity Colors: Red & Black Academic Focus: Cryptozoology, Artificiery Morton Court is the home of experimenters, explorers, and those willing to take dangerous risks. Mortonians are known for throwing caution to the wind and are always open to trying anything […]