Your child’s safety and well-being are our number one concern. Magischola Prep complies with all laws and regulations for summer camps and childcare programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All of our staff have been thoroughly vetted through background checks and are trained in working with adolescents. Below is some more information about how your student will be taken care of while at wizard school.


Camp organizers have more than two decades experience working with middle- and high-school-aged young people in both summer programs and as certified instructional and administrative staff at public and private schools. They have led student trips to international destinations and organized summer programs for many years. Lead staff hold master’s degrees in education and young adult literature, backgrounds in theatre and choreography, and enjoy working with young people!

All counselors have been hand-picked by camp staff and all have previous experience working with young people, roleplaying, or both. Many counselors are alumni of other theatre or larp camps, or work at other summer camps besides Magischola Prep. Our faculty has also been hand-picked and many are certified teachers during the school year. All have experience working with young people, and most are well-versed in the Magimundi, having participated in the adult wizard college experience, New World Magischola.

All of our staff and volunteers have passed required background checks, and our counselors are first-aid certified.


Come to Sharples Dining Hall for delicious feasts and to swap stories from classes and adventures.
Come to Sharples Dining Hall for delicious feasts and to swap stories from classes and adventures.

The Swarthmore Campus is very secure. All dormitories are locked from the outside, and accessible only by those with keys for that specific building. Individual rooms are locked with keys that work only that door. Magischola Prep students will be the only ones in the dormitory building they are staying in. Assistance is available to any student in need 24/7.

Dormitory rooms contain two single beds, and campers will only share a room and a bathroom with other campers of the same gender. Genders will be divided by floor and/or hall to increase privacy. All-gender bathrooms are available.

In addition, Swarthmore College has its own campus police and security staff, and their summer conference services staff will be backing up Magischola Prep organizers to provide a safe and secure environment for your child.


There are so many activities to explore at Magischola Prep! All activities will be supervised by adults, either counselors or faculty and staff. While students will be learning fictional magic and perhaps roleplaying wizard duels, they won’t actually hit each other. The wizard sports we’ll play are non-contact, similar to dodgeball and capture the flag. Our alchemy class uses all non-toxic and edible ingredients and is conducted by a scientist. Students will be divided into small groups, known as “Circles” and will move throughout the day with their Circle. The day is quite structured, and students will have a lot to do. There is also time for goofing off and hanging out with their new friends.


We understand that some of our participants have ongoing medical needs, such as daily medication, or emergency medication for allergies, asthma, or another condition. We also understand that minor scrapes and bruises, headaches and stomachaches also occur when students are active, busy, in the heat, and eating different food than they may be used to.

There’s bug spray and sunscreen available for all the outdoor activities we have planned!

We have certified medical staff on hand, and a dedicated staff member for camper medication and their physical and emotional needs. We have common over-the-counter medications on hand, and you can give permission for us to give them to your child. Examples include: Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), Tums, Pepto-Bismol, Benadryl, anti-itch creams, bug spray, basic first aid supplies, and feminine hygiene needs. We’ll take care of the bumps and bruises; should something more serious happen, we have standard emergency procedures to follow, and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.

In addition, since we are located on the Swarthmore Campus, we have access to all the resources of Swarthmore’s Summer Conference Services, campus police, and medical services to supplement our own.


Campers will be supervised by counselors, faculty, and staff at all times. Campers are divided into groups of no more than twelve, known as “Circles” and each Circle has a counselor. Counselors accompany students to their classes, and walk with and eat with them at meals. Excursions into the on-campus forest or other adventures will be led by counselors or faculty. Counselors sleep in dormitory rooms adjacent to campers, interspersed between camper rooms so that one is always nearby. Counselors rotate on-call duty throughout the night; should a camper need arise someone is always available, 24/7. The camp has an overall 3:1 student to staff ratio.