Dates for 2018 are announced! 60 spots available!

We are pleased to announce that Magischola Prep will return for 2018 at Swarthmore College: July 22-28, 2018. There will be just 60 spots for this amazing wizard-school camp experience. If demand warrants, we have the option of a second week: July 15-21. We will need to fill the first week before we would open the […]

2017 Photos

We’ve finished processing and uploading all of our photos from our first summer! Click here to see a gallery of our favorite photos, or head to our Facebook Page to see all the photos from the week.

Tuesday classes and electives!

On Tuesday, students headed off for their first day of wizard school classes. On tap for them were: Charms & Hexes, Cryptozoology, Herbology, Runic Magic, and Combat & Casting. Professor Sage Radcliffe taught the difference between charms & hexes, and charged her students with making a charm of their own for homework. She also showed them her […]

The Court Sort (Monday Night)

On Monday night, the students got their wizard school robes for the first time. There was a bit of a scramble as we hurriedly modified some robes with the tried and true “staple-hemming” method. Artificery and Alchemy Prof. Jupiter Salvian was on hand and some magic was made in minutes. Then it was off to Upper Tarble […]

Day 1-2 Pics: Workshops & Community Building

Before we opened the game on Monday night with The Court Sort, we spent two days getting to know each other, building trust, talking about safety, calibration, and consent, and how to cast magic, both with a wand, and collaboratively. It’s been warm during the day, so students are learning to rock the parasols and fans […]

Day 1: July 23, 2017

Hello, Parents and Fans of Magischola Prep!  Here’s what happened after you dropped off your magic school students today! After check-in, campers gathered in the Intercultural Center (or as we call it, the charms and magical ethics classroom) for introductions and their first workshop. The campers were excited to begin learning about the magical world they’ll […]

Wizard School Allows Exploration of Real-World Issues

In this video, the creators of New World Magischola, Maury Brown and Ben Morrow, talk about what wizard school attendees wrestle with as part of their experience. They also talk about how the fictional world was created and the community norms: inclusivity, diversity, equality, autonomy, respect. Students at Magischola Prep will be in a lighter universe […]

Consent-Based Play is Powerful

You Decide What Happens The way magic works in this school is by consent. The recipient of a spell gets to decide if they will be “hit” with the magic. They can deflect a spell, declare it didn’t work or was mispronounced, or another reason if they don’t want to roleplay the spell’s effects. They can […]

Roleplaying Tips to Make Your Experience Great

  You don’t have to be an experienced roleplayer or even know what larp is to have a great time at Wizard School Camp! Tina Degenhart, a player in the very first New World Magischola, gives some awesome advice for those who may be a little nervous about roleplaying or trying out wizard school. Here are […]

Roleplay Inspires Empathy & Imagination

There are many benefits of roleplay that participants learn to master and to use in their everyday life outside of the event. In addition to building confidence and improving speaking, roleplay also helps participants hone these valuable skills: Empathy — One of the benefits of roleplay is experiencing the world from the perspective of someone else, […]