To:           Incoming Magischola Prep Students

From:      Headmaster William Ulysses Bradford, Order of Merlin

Congratulations on your acceptance to the premier wizard summer program on the Continent!

After a decade of closure (following the magical incident of 2007), the Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of Arcane Arts (P2A4) is re-opening its summer program for 2017! Witches and wizards from across the Magimundi are invited to spend a week on P2A4’s beautiful campus, learning from each other and from P2A4’s esteemed faculty. Students will take Magischola-prep classes in alchemy, rune lore, divination, magical history, healing, and more, while having plenty of time to join in clubs and extracurricular electives. 

Young wizards who want to advance their careers and be accepted to Magischola know the value of attending at summer prep program, and you’ll be here with the best and brightest from across North America.

For the week, each student will join one of P2A4’s four Courts, and earn points as the Courts compete to win the Providence Cup. We expect students to attend from all the American PrimascholaeMagnolia Sun, Lewis & Clark, Great Plains, Flower Mountain, and of course students who attend P2A4 throughout the rest of the year. Homeschool students and those from abroad (Balt Meddin, Avalon, Stenøya Akademiet, and so on) are of course also welcome at the Summer Institute. At P2A4, we know that our students are the future of the Magimundi.

Magischola Prep is part of a North American wizarding universe called the Magimundi, a world where ancient magic collides with modern society. The continent is divided into five provinces, each with its own Primaschola for young mages to attend. From there, students go on to one of two Magischolas–colleges of magic. Of course, for all its magic, life in the Magimundi is never simple. There are the ever-present complications of werewolves and vampires, the power imbalance between those of magical blood and those born to mundanes, and the delicate dynamic of politics and law that keeps the peace among mages. Students at P2A4 must learn to master magic, but they must also learn to navigate their strange and complex world. 

We know you are up to the task, and we look forward to welcoming you. Bring your wand, of course! We’ll supply the uniform robe and the tie for the Court you will join.