The Power of Inclusion for Your Child

Has your child ever felt excluded by others, either in their classes, peer groups, or on teams? It’s a very common experience for young people as they learn to navigate friendships, boundaries, politeness, and behavioral norms. Social exclusion has negative effects on a child’s emotional and psychological development and can create mental health problems for […]

Announcing: The Magic School Curriculum!

What classes will you take at Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts? Aspiring wizards need to master the basics of runes, rituals, alchemy, defense, herbology, artificery, divination, evocation & summoning, healing, and care of creatures. You’ll take all 10 of these classes, 5 per day for each of the four full […]

Williams Court

Symbol: Flying Squirrel Season: Fall Flower: Chrysanthemum Motto: Wisdom From Every Mind Values: Reflection, Inclusion Colors: Brown & White Academic Focus: Cursebreaking, Evocation In his life, Roger Williams dedicated himself to understanding both the world around him and the people who inhabited it. The Court that bears his name carries on that tradition, emphasizing cooperation, […]

Hutchinson Court

Symbol: Great Horned Owl Season: Spring Flower: Crocus Motto: Question Everything Values: Rebirth, Curiosity Colors: Green & Yellow Academic Focus: Healing, Alchemy At the heart of Hutchinson Court is the idea that nothing is above questioning and reconsidering. Anne Hutchinson, for whom the Court is named, believed strongly that true progress can only come from […]

Bradford Court

Symbol: Lynx Season: Winter Flower: Bluebell Motto: Knowledge Before Action Values: Stability, Patience Colors: Silver & Blue Academic Focus: Divination, Magical Combat & Defense The students of Bradford Court dedicate themselves to knowledge, to planning, and to careful consideration. They are seekers of deeper truths, rarely satisfied with simple answers. They believe in strength through […]

P2A4 summer program re-opens its doors!

After a decade of closure (following the tragic incident of 2007), the Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of Arcane Arts (P2A4) is re-opening its summer program for 2017! Witches and wizards from across the Magimundi are invited to spend a week on P2A4’s beautiful campus, learning from each other and from P2A4’s esteemed faculty. […]