What is Magischola Prep?

Magic runes are best deciphered with friends.
Magic runes are best deciphered with friends.

Magischola Prep is a week-long residential enrichment camp for middle- and high-schoolers, ages 11-17. Unlike traditional summer camps, with archery, canoeing, and hikes, Magischola Prep immerses your student in the theatrical experience of going to Wizard School for the week.

Along with your fellow participants, you will live out your fantasy of being a wizard in a magical school. It’s kind of like being in your own movie, and you are the main character in your own story. You will get the chance to:


  • Join or be sorted into one of the Four Courts of the school and play a part in its traditions and rites.
  • Wear a wizard robe and a tie in the color of your Court.
  • Compete for the Providence Court Cup by earning (or maybe losing) house points.
  • Attend magical courses in alchemy, magical combat, runic magic, crafting, magical creatures, and more!
  • Attend a Wizard Ball in your finest regalia.
  • Make new friends and form long lasting bonds with fellow wizards.
  • Join clubs that match your interests.
  • Play magical sports
  • Explore the buildings and grounds, encountering magical creatures and artifacts that may be helpful or harmful.
  • Engage in discussions, study and socialize, stir up shenanigans, or stay out of trouble.
  • Live onsite with your housemates, eat meals together (lodging and all food is included)
  • Make a difference in the story’s outcome with the decisions you make: how the story ends is up to you!
  • Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Each student gets an acceptance letter and reports to campus for sorting and orientation. Once there, you’ll receive a character to play–a student from one of the five North American wizard schools. Along with the other campers, you’ll help turn the beautiful campus of Swarthmore College into a school of magic for a week.


Our stories draw together more than four hundred years of history, intertwining Colonial history with magical traditions from First Nations, West African and Caribbean, French-Canadian, Spanish/Mexican, Asian, Jewish, and other European traditions. Our focus is on building a world that is collaborative, inclusive, and reflects the diversity of the real world.

The Four Courts

  • Bradford Court
  • Hutchinson Court
  • Morton Court
  • Williams Court