Sample Character Sheets

Every participant receives a custom character concept, created for them based on their responses to the casting questionnaire. During the first day at camp (Sunday evening and Monday morning and afternoon) we will be doing character-building exercises to help you get to know your character and how they move, talk, and act. Here are some samples of characters for middle- and high-school students.

Sample Character for a Middle-School Student

Name:                G. Mockingbird

Primaschola:  Lewis & Clark Institute of Magic

Heritage:          Mixed

Court:                 To Be Determined

Family Background:

You come from a family that cares for people, and tries to make the world a better place. Your mother is a Healer, researching new cures, while your father is a surgeon at a Mundane hospital. Your parents have always encouraged you to follow in their footsteps, but sometimes you have doubts.


Your mother’s sister is an amazing cryptozoologist, who studies Fae and fairy creatures of the west coast. Your mother says it’s dangerous, that one of these days she’ll be taken by the Fae and never come back, and that it’s a waste of time when there are so many humans who need healing. You get the sense that your mother and Aunt really don’t get along, but they do their best to hide it on the rare occasions that your Aunt comes to visit.


You’ve always been very good at your studies, impressing your teachers with your quick wit and attention to detail. You know that if you put your mind to it, you could become an excellent healer, just like your parents want.


However, you often find yourself distracted by the idea of following your Aunt’s path instead. You’re fascinated by the wilds, and by magical creatures of all kinds. You and your Aunt write letters (often kept secret from your mother!) and you love to read about her tales of adventure and research out in nature. You don’t want to let your parents down–you do love them very much, and they’re always supportive of you–but wouldn’t it be such fun to study the Fae?


You’re very excited to get a chance to go to the P2A4 summer program. New classes, new friends, new teachers… and what’s more, you hear there are Fae in the woods near campus. Maybe if you could meet some and do some research on them, interview them or something, you could send that to your Aunt! You want to impress her so much that she’ll take you with her on her next research trip. How cool would that be?


Light Side: You love making friends, both the human kind and the magical creature kind. Everyone has something that makes them special, and you love it!


Dark Side: Sometimes you dream about running away from human society and just going off to live in the woods with the monsters. Even the most interesting humans aren’t as much fun as the mystery of what’s out there.


Sample Character for a High-School Student


Name:                 M. Ambrose

Primaschola:   Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts

Heritage:           Unsoiled

Court:                  To Be Determined

Family Background:

Your family has a long history with P2A4, and with Bradford Court specifically. Your grandmother even taught at the school for a few decades, though before your time. Both of your parents are Marshals, helping keep and enforce the laws of magical society. You’ve followed in their footsteps so far, attending P2A4 and joining Bradford Court, so it seems likely you’ll continue on that path.


Despite following their example in life, you don’t have the closest relationship with your parents. You know they care about you, but work keeps them extremely busy, with them often on the road tracking down dark wizards. You spent much of your childhood with your grandmother, who instilled a love of history in you from a young age. She also taught you the art of dueling, another family tradition that dates back generations.



You have a deep fascination with history, both mundane and magical–and especially the places they intersect. You know it’s considered odd for a member of magical high society to take such an interest in the mundanes, but you can’t help your curiosity. You’ve been known to check out textbooks of mundane history, even, to supplement all the magical history textbooks in the P2A4 library.


Your tendency to spend so much time in the library has earned you a bit of reputation at school, though. It’s true that you’re not the most social, but you like to think you’ve come out of your shell over the last few years. Even so, the reputation stuck. You’re hopeful that the summer program will be a chance at something different. There will be students from other schools present, each of whom is a potential exciting new friend.


You’re excited about the summer program for another reason, too. A stranger reason. In your research, you stumbled upon a ritual that will let you summon a specific spirit of the dead of your choosing. It’s close to necromancy, but not so close as to be illegal (you checked!). It’s still against school rules, though, so you didn’t do it during the school year. At the summer program, though, the stakes aren’t as high. You don’t know exactly who you’ll summon yet–maybe a firsthand historical source, or a champion duelist who can teach you some archaic awesome moves, or maybe even one of your own ancestors–but you’re determined to try the spell out. It’s such an exciting opportunity, and you can’t deny that you’re excited to rebel against family and expectations, even in secret, just a little bit.


One hard part, though, is that the ritual needs at least four people to work together to cast it. So you’re definitely going to have to make some friends to pull this off, and make sure they’re people you can trust.


Light Side: You take pride in your work, your history, and your dueling skills. You’re a brilliant student, and you hope to do right by your family.

Dark Side: The more you study history, the more you doubt the traditional narratives of power. What if your family has been on the wrong side all along?