Who is behind Magischola Prep?

Magischola Prep is the latest project of Learn Larp LLC, North America’s premier educational larping company.

Maury Brown is the President of Learn Larp and Director of the Program. She has twenty years experience in teaching, curriculum design, teacher assessment, and engagement research with students from elementary to grad school level. She’s a writer, academic, teacher, larper, feminist, and parent. She’s also been involved in improv and community theatre for many years. Her design passions are player agency and transformative emotional experiences in immersive theatre. She’s excited to be bringing together her love of theatre and roleplay with her love of education, and can’t wait for the first generation of young mages to go out and start changing the world. She can be reached at mebrown@learnlarp.com.


Ben Morrow is the Vice President and COO of Learn Larp. He handles the behind-the-scenes work that makes the whole thing run, for which his partners are eternally grateful. He’s been larping for two decades, and roleplaying in one form or another longer than he can remember. In addition to writing larps, he’s a scribe of sci-fi and fantasy fiction as well as game reviews. He can be reached at bamorrow@learnlarp.com.



Nancy Calvert-Warren has always been a fan of wizards, wizards, mages, sorcerers and any other kind of magical wielding person. She grew up running around in the desert of southeastern Oregon, pretending to hunt down magical creatures in the sagebrush. In her daily life, Nancy spends time organizing people, projects, and events. She’s known as an expert ‘cat herder,’ with the ability to keep even the most unwieldy and distracted group on track and on schedule. She is an assistant or co-medical lead part-time job at various events that take place at scout camps and campgrounds around Pennsylvania.  She can be reached at campdirector@learnlarp.com.

Peter S. Svensson is the Narrative Director for Magischola Prep. He has decades of experience crafting interactive fiction through theatre and gameplay, ranging from improvised short plays to tabletop roleplaying games to blockbuster larps. When not writing and producing live action roleplaying games, he works both as an English teacher and as a journalist covering comic books, graphic novels and pop culture. Magischola Prep allows him to combine his passions of teaching and storytelling into one cohesive whole. He’s thrilled to help make the magic real for these young mages. 

Mark Daniels is an assistant professor at the University of Virginia with a PHD in biological sciences from the University of California at San Diego. At Magischola Prep, he is a full professor, occasional NPC and frequent repairer of magical and mundane objects. He grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and countless other works of fantasy and science fiction.