The Court Cup

Who will be the First Court Champion and Take Home the Cup?

Did we mention that the Four Courts of P2A4 will be competing all week for the honor of winning the Court Cup?

After you’re sorted into your Court on Monday night, you’ll start earning — and perhaps losing — points for your Court. Professors will give points for outstanding performance, teamwork, correct answers, generosity, magical prowess, eloquence, helpfulness, and more. Only Professors and the Chancellor can give Court Points, but you and your Counselor can try to convince them how many you deserve for that thing you did they didn’t see! Some Professors are quite generous with Court Points, others are difficult to impress.

Of course, what Professors giveth, they can also taketh away. Your laziness, cheekiness, clumsiness, incorrect answers, mean-spirited behavior, or magical accidents may cost you Court Points. Some Professors are more lenient than others, and of course, Professors do tend to have their favorite Courts. You may find a Professor who will never take a point from a Bradford student but never lose the chance to deduct from a Morton student. Or vice versa!

Points are tallied throughout each day by the Registrar and Point Total announcements are made after meals. You can also stop by the Chancellor’s Office to view the Point Total status at any time. At the end of the week, at the Wizard Masquerade, the overall Court Point Winner will be announced and those Court members get the honor of being Champion. There are some other awards that will be given as well, but you won’t find out about those until you arrive.

So who will it be in 2017? The Lynxes of Bradford, the Owls of Hutchinson, the Flying Squirrels of Williams, or the Bats of Morton?